Expectations our clients have of us:

Be Available

In the first place, we have to be around. FredrickZink & Associates’ staff may ask questions about non-accounting issues in order to get to know your business better. We want to share client objectives and make our points in business lingo, not tech-speak. FZA will be there to plan your future with you. You aren’t on your own wandering the fiscal wasteland, nor do we approach you with a cookie cutter financial plan that is exactly the same thing we offered our last ten clients. We are here to help you with your specific problems.

Let us do your worrying for you. If you can’t stop, we’ll always be available to ease your mind. FZA takes our clients’ concerns seriously. We’re here for you.

Be Part of the Team

We need to learn from you before we can fully implement a creative solution. FZA measures and monitors everything that we do so there are no surprises. Our professional staff can even teach our clients to implement our expertise. Our personnel will do their best to anticipate client needs. We produce fast results because we know there are always different needs coming just around the corner! It always helps if you can stay one step ahead of any potential negative issues. That’s where we come in. FZA will help you identify potential problems so you can meet them head on instead of playing catch-up after a crisis has already occurred.

Be Creative

Most folks don’t really mind paying for something that is worth it. You get what you pay for from FZA. We tell it like it is. We won’t sugar coat the situation for the client’s short-term benefit. It will end up hurting them in the long run. They want us to get out in front of situations and take the bull by the horns. Problems are much easier to solve this way instead of doing damage control after the fact.

Clients are looking for something creative, something new, something different. They want to stand out. We at FredrickZink & Associates have been helping clients do just that for over 50 years. We work with individual clients to tailor programs to their specific needs. We’re here to worry for our clients so they don’t have to.