FredrickZink & Associates performs non-profit audits throughout our market area. With a long-standing ethical reputation, FZA’s non-profit specialists are led by Sidny Zink, CPA and Michelle Sainio, CPA, CGMA.

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It’s also important to tell you that we are proud to be involved in our community.  In fact, we received a Colorado state-wide award for our philanthropic efforts.

Our firm’s owners and employees are involved in the community through both traditional business positions (CPA organizations, chamber memberships and committee involvement) to positions held in many non-profit organizations. We are well-integrated within Durango and the surrounding Four Corners region. Our community involvement helps our business clients – particularly those new to the area – in their networking efforts, and it helps us to understand the challenges for non-profits as well as the opportunities.

As a non-profit organization, you have your mission. Ours is to serve you by solving problems. We provide the following services to our non-profit community:

  • Financial Statement Audits, including Single Audits
  • Financial Statement Reviews
  • Financial Statement Compilations
  • Accounting Services
  • Preparation of IRS Forms, including Not For Profit Applications, Form 990 and Form 990T
  • Consultation for functional expense allocation required by IRS

Provided below are additional resources to support your organization and help it thrive. If you don’t see what you need, then give us a call and we will find the resources that are right for you and your organization.